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Remote Learning

During the closure of the school due to Covid-19 we provided resources to support parents with their children’s learning at home.

As it has proved such a valuable resource, now that we have returned to school-based learning, teachers are going to continue using Google Classroom for homework assignments and also for learning in the classrooms.


Remote Learning in the event of further closures.

In the event of further closures, or periods of individual or bubble self isolation, we will continue to use Google Classroom for those children unable to attend school. Children are not expected to be working on Google Classroom if they are unwell. For individual children isolating, learning will be uploaded onto Google Classroom. 

Teachers will indicate the learning which can be uploaded.  All uploaded learning will receive a feedback comment for the children. 

Children must be logged in with their own Google login. See attachment below.


Further resources
In the event of whole or partial closure, there are many websites providing a wealth of resources for home learning including the government website and BBC Bitesize. We have listed some of these on the Further Resources page for you to look at as required. While it is valuable to have so many resources available, seeing so many can be daunting. They are there so you can select ideas and support for learning you are doing at home, and can be fitted in between equally important fresh air, exercise and downtime.  The teachers will, at times direct pupils to certain ones.


Keeping you informed
We will keep you informed regularly of provision for home learning in letters to parents and letters to children.
The Compass Partnership Trust will also send regular letters home.


Contact us for help
If you need assistance, for instance with logins, then please contact the school office.